25th April 2018

Supervisor course

Service Area/s: Time and Attendance/Self Service

Course Type: Supervisor Enquiry

Duration: 3 hours

Course content

This Supervisor course has a duration of around 3 hours and aims to provide supervisors with a sound understanding of their responsibilities in the operation of the system.

The session is broken down into the following areas:

  • System Basics – Navigating within the relevant Time and Attendance screens and finding employee records.
  • Employee Data – This session is split into 3 parts:

Basic employee information, for example Name, Address, Date of Birth, Department and Supervisor.

The Time & Attendance details for employees, for example their normal weekly hours, overtime rules, current rota and rota position.

Absence summary information on employees.

  • T&A Input – Detailed instruction on the clocking screen, checking clocking’s, manually entering clocking’s, making temporary shift changes, viewing historic clocking data and entering absence records.
  • Supervisor Enquiry – A guide through the Supervisor Enquiry report which will enable supervisors to check clocking’s for their employees on a daily basis.

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