Self-Service Operations

24th April 2018

Self-Service Operations Course

Service Area: Self Service

Course Type: System Setup and Administration

Duration: 1 Day

Course content

The Self Service Operations course will meet the following objectives:

In depth introduction into the Administration of the Self Service system including user profiles and security permissions.

Provide a working knowledge of the different elements of the Self Service module.

How to navigate within the Self Service environment?

Using the managerial functionality within the Self Service environment.

The course is broken down into the following areas:

  • System Basics – The common features and functionality of Self Service.
  • Web Administrator – Setting up users and security, configuration cosmetic areas of the application, configuring the Personal Data screen, checking and managing user logins, sending system-wide messages and other system settings.
  • Employee Information – Logging on to the system, updating passwords, accessing your Self Service mailbox, viewing and amending personal data.
  • Absences – Viewing absence history including absence map, absence calendars, submitting and removing an absence request.
  • Training – Viewing training history, calendars, CPD and submitting a training request.
  • Vacancies – Viewing and applying for internal vacancies.
  • Management – Confirming and rejecting absence and training requests, reviewing job applications, reviewing the system Upcoming events list covering the week ahead.
  • Pay Details – (if Uniwage is in use) Viewing your P60 information, viewing current and archive payslips.
  • Clocking’s and Timesheets – (if Unitend is in use) Clocking in, viewing clocking’s history, checking flexitime balances, setting and populating timesheets.

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