Report Builder

25th April 2018

Report Builder course

Service Area: All modules
Course Type: Introduction to Report Writing
Duration: 1 Day

Course Content

This Report Builder course will meet the following objectives:

Creation of new user reports within Carval.
How to edit, delete or import Carval reports?
Design and manipulate the ‘look’ of user reports.
Understand what data you want to display in reports.
Build user reports using more than one table (table linking).
What are the alternative reporting options outside of Report Builder?

The course is split into the following nine areas:

  • Getting Started – What are the required permissions to use the Report Wizard, setup of the Central Report Writer path, running the Wizard, the two data stages of report writing, tables and fields.
  • Query Stage – Deciding on and selecting the data for your report (tables and fields).
  • Report Stage – The basics of displaying selected data in your report, running user reports from within Carval.
  • Report Design (Stage 1) – Report bands, adding and editing labels, using the toolbars.
  • Report Design (Stage 2) – Adding fields, sorting your data, adding a customised logo.
  • Data Selection – Introduction to adding search criteria into your data selection, using operators.
  • Report Design (Stage 3) – Grouping your data, adding group sub-totals and report totals.
  • Table Linking – Building reports that use more than one table.

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