Introduction to Payroll

25th April 2018

Introduction to Payroll course

Service Area: Payroll
Course Type: Introduction to Payroll Operations
Duration: 1 Day

Course Content

The Introduction to Payroll course will meet the following objectives:

Understanding Paygroup settings within Civica Payroll.
How Government Parameters are utilised within Payroll?
Understand the setup of core elements within Payroll.
Inserting transactions and how to run periodic processes within the application.
Run reports and enquiries.
Introduction to other parts of the Payroll system, for example employee absences and statutory payments.

KEY NOTE: This course assumes that the user has an intermediate knowledge of Payroll as a whole and is designed to develop user skills on how to process Payroll using Civica.

The course is broken down into the following areas:

  • System Basics – Common features and functionality within Payroll.
  • Government Parameters – An overview of what information is held within the Government Parameters area, for example Tax Rates, SSP/SMP rates and how to update these at the required times.
  • Pay Groups – An overview to defining the different pay groups or payrolls within the system for example payment frequency, tax references and pro-rata using contract terms.
  • Setting up each pay group – This next section provides a detailed look at how to set up the various elements for operating within each pay group for example inputs and deductions, definition of pension schemes and attachments of earnings.
  • Employee Maintenance – An introduction to pay related details that are held against each employee including:

    Pay Details Cumulative Pay Information
    Bank Details Statutory Payments History
    Fixed Deductions and Inputs Attachments of Earnings
  • Input Programs (1) – A summary of the different types of payroll inputs that are available including:

    Simple Input
    Flexible Input
    Flexible Input by Department and/or by Cost Centre
    Importing data from a CSV file
    Net to Gross Calculation
    Employee NI Code Change
    Global Updates
  • Running a payroll – A demonstration of and practical exercise in running a payroll from setting up a Pay Group, defining the elements for that Pay Group, creating starters in that Pay Group and entering pay related data for those employees, inputting some periodic values, running the payroll calculation and checking the figures on the payslips.
  • Absenteeism – Overview on the ways to manage employee absenteeism including:

    Entering absence records
    Operating a formal system of Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)
    Available absenteeism reports
  • Statutory Payments – A brief overview of how statutory payments are administered. Civica does offer a separate statutory payments half-day training workshop where candidates are taken through SSP, SMP, SPP, and SAP with demonstrations and practical exercises (See the Statutory Payments Training Specification). This training workshop is run by arrangement with Civica.

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