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CivicaCollect is a multi-channel self-service cloud platform for collection management. Providing a single view of debt and leveraging data analytics, helps your recovery and corporate debt team make better decisions and support citizens to better manage a payment plan suited to their circumstances.

Safeguarding your citizens
Intelligent and data-driven, it links all cases associated to a citizen to provide you with a single view of debt. It enables you to consolidate multiple notices and actions to provide improved services and safeguard citizens from unnecessary hardship.

Maximising operational efficiencies
CivicaCollect empowers your corporate debt team to manage the full collection cycle in a single view, in real time – enhancing collaboration whilst ensuring data integrity. It’s fast and simple to implement with an experienced team delivering a fully supported onboarding process.

Delivering 24/7 multi-channel services
We support a wide range of payment options which include Direct Debit and repeating card payment plans to help citizens manage their debts using a single payment plan to improve financial planning.

Helping you comply with Breathing Space legislation

  • Eases the burden on your team of ensuring requirements are met
  • Incorporates multiple communication channels for cascading notifications throughout your organisation

Charlotte Acutt,

Operations Manager,

Income at London Borough of Southwark.

We quickly established that CivicaCollect had the capabilities to optimise a single view of debt across Exchequer Services. Since going live our objectives have been surpassed. We are now able to offer our customers an improved experience with the ability to prioritise those with financial difficulties and tailor our approach based on circumstance and ability to pay.

We are also able to automatically apply correct fees across multiple legislations and debt types. This new debt strategy is beneficial across all income streams in the council.

Why choose Single View of Debt?

Facilitates informed and consistent decision-making.

Enables proactive and accurate collection management.

Intuitive, easy to use self-service platform encourages timely payment.

Southwark transforms collections with a single view of debt

An overview of each individual's debts and circumstances drives a more customer-centric approach to collections

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