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Get a holistic overview of ASB investigations to make informed decisions

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Accelerate case resolution times and deliver better outcomes

Without a complete overview of a case, it’s hard to judge the full impact of incidents. Should officers create a new case or append an existing one? What tasks should be given priority? Who is the most appropriate person to respond?

Cx Community Safety cloud software automates many of the tasks your team used to do manually. It accelerates response times and saves staff time. Intelligent case creation detects similar cases in the system and prompts officers to append new incidents, reducing data duplication. Intelligent search and advanced displays allow contact centres to quickly find records and improve response times. A bespoke task list is automatically assigned to the most appropriate officer to improve efficiency.

With a holistic case overview, your ASB team will understand the full impact of each incident. They’ll make informed decisions and confidently reach case outcomes.

Jack Madge,

Tenancy Enforcement Advisor at Teign Housing

Since lockdown in 2020, we've seen ASB cases increase fourfold and if we didn't use Cx we would be at risk of not being able to manage the increase in cases effectively.

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Automate tasks to increase efficiency and accuracy

Prepare officers and increase safety

Conduct field interviews and capture data remotely

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