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We are making every day better for awarding bodies, certifying authorities, testing organisations and other educational institutions by driving efficiencies.

With Civica Assessments, you can manage the whole assessment process, including online assessments, markingpaymentson demand resource, HR and payroll management.

We provide a range of products which drive efficiency, enabling you to deliver the best results for your organisation and the learners you support. 

Civica Assess

We provide Civica Assess formerly known as Calibrand, our eAssessment software helps organisations test and certify workforce skills throughout the employment lifecycle, from recruiting and continuing professional development to compliance testing.

  • Digitise processes for improved records and rapid results
  • Greater flexibility and personalisation for employees or candidates
  • Quality assurance from secure and objective testing.

Reliable and accurate marking of candidate responses is essential. Together with our partner, the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA), we have been helping awarding bodies, certifying authorities, testing organisations and other educational institutions to manage their assessment marking for 10 years.

Maintain your accuracy and reliability
Comprehensive quality assurance measures using practice and qualification, calibration, live seeding, double marking and back reading, assist you in upholding the standard of your mark scheme.

Global support
With true 24/7/365 support we are the only UK assessments partner with capability to support your organisation globally.

Marker satisfaction
Designed with markers in mind, MarkManager supports escalation of scripts including adding notes, return to the markers, alerts and messaging. With a user-friendly interface, MarkManager enables markers to ensure learners achieve the outcomes they deserve.


Ability to mark everything
A variety of responses are supported:

  • extended, short, and multiple choice
  • audio, video and file types including .mp3, .avi
  • Word and Excel for evidence based assessments.

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OnDemand Resource

We can provide access to a pool of experienced resource who can help you to deliver your marking services whenever required, for example during busy periods to clear a backlog, cope with additional assessments or provide sickness cover. We can provide the following:

  • Customer support 24/7, 365
  • Marker support
  • Scanning and candidate verifications
  • Outbound mailing, print, distribution and collection
HR and Payroll

Your organisation can improve employee experience for better business outcomes with our digital platform to support HR, Payroll and business leaders.

Transform your people processes
With our more connected ways of working across HR, payroll and workforce management, HR transactions are easier, more automatic and more intelligent.

Engage current and future employees
Our legislative-compliant, deeply integrated and highly flexible software is under-pinned by the latest digital and mobile technology.

Improved user experience
Ensure connected and automated processes, delivering increased productivity, tangible cost savings and insightful analytics to your organisation.


Candidates expect to make payments easily and securely. They expect to pay not only at a time convenient to them, but also through a channel of their choice.

Candidate confidence
No matter how they wish to pay, candidates have a simplified way of collecting and administrating payments.

Increased reliability of income
With a focus on user experience, extensive management reporting allows you to make confident decisions based on real-time data.

Secure payments
With CivicaPay, your payments are processed in the cloud and not on your premises. We are experts in payment security; let us take the strain and reduce the risks to your organisation.

All data is protected
Our cloud software is accredited to PA-DSS & PCI Level 1 standards, giving you and your candidates reassurance that all data is protected.

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