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Moving forward with digitised learning and eAssessments

With a rapid growth in digital learning and online assessments, our complete eAssessment platform helps to test the skills of candidates within a digital space in any place at any time.

Trusted by organisations around the world, we’ve created, managed, and delivered over 12 million assessments to professional associations, awarding organisations, language test publishers, government and regulated markets by providing end-to-end support.

Our cloud based, and secure exam management system reduces the administrative burden by digitising all processes and data, allowing for boosted efficiency and reduced costs.

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Why choose Civica Assess?

Provides a great candidate experience

Takes the complexity out of Assessment Design and Delivery

Flexible, scalable Remote Invigilation

Content creation

Our simple to use Content Creation wizard allows questions to be authored, reviewed, approved and published quickly and efficiently. Utilising our extensive list of items types to provide varied and challenging questions to your candidates.

Test package assembly

We support manual selection by a test author, random selection from a constrained list or full random selection based on question criteria and difficulty.

Online or paper-based delivery options

Test packages can be delivered to the candidates online by our cloud based, web delivered test delivery platform or by printed and scanned exam papers created from within our system. We can support a combination of both from the same test package, along with personalisation allowing your brand to be maintained.

Exam session management

Comprehensive administrative and invigilation dashboards supporting face to face and remote test delivery.

Remote Invigilation

Delivered using our natively developed Remote Invigilation solution, offering live or Record and Review options. We support Bring Your Own Invigilator (BYOI) as well as offering access to a pool of UK based, fully vetted Invigilators, who can converse fluently in over 75 languages.

Peter Bennett,

Professional Standards Lead

Institute of directors (IoD)

Civica Assess delivers flexibility for the IOD and our candidates.

For our candidates, it’s much more flexible because they can take all exams (including any re-sits) whenever they want. Assess makes our admin easy too. Now we’re using record and review we can run many, many more exams all in one go!

Remote proctoring

What's the right service for your organisation?

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Remote proctoring - What's the right service for your organisation?

Civica Mark Manager

Intuitive, secure, and reliable on-screen marking of candidate responses

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