Telford Legal Passes Lexcel Assessment With Flying Colours

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Legal Services Triumphs in Lexcel Assessment

11th January 2024

Providing the best possible Legal services in an efficient manner, whilst adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements, can be made much more efficient with case management systems.

Sharon Tipping, the Legal Services Business Support Manager at Telford & Wrekin Council, believes that holding independent accreditation allows you to easily show adherence to standards, playing a pivotal role in the success of public sector legal providers, hence the council’s Lexcel accreditation.

Lexcel accreditation is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for client care, compliance and practice management, with regular assessments to provide an external assurance and ensure standards adherence.




Our Lexcel assessor had been worried about navigating Civica Legal, however they found the case management system, very easy and straightforward to find everything – the easiest case management system ever used.

The Lexcel Assessment

The feedback from the Lexcel assessor during Telford’s recent inspection sheds light on the remarkable impact of Civica Legal, powered by iCasework, affirming its position as an exceptional case management system. This success story not only highlights the positive experience of the assessor but also emphasizes the ease and effectiveness that Civica Legal brings to the forefront of legal practice.

Normally the assessor would require support from internal personnel throughout the inspection to locate the policies and workflows along with any requested files to check compliance. Sharon decided instead to setup the assessor on the Civica Legal system, used by Telford’s Legal Services, with access provided to requested documents through the Case Management permissions capability.

To assist the assessor, Sharon compiled a summary guide on navigating Civica Legal, from the Civica help documentation available, emphasizing how to locate specific files such as case reviews. This significantly eased the assessor's checks, contributing to a more positive assessment experience.




During interviews with staff they were all very positive about Civica Legal, finding it very intuitive and straightforward.


During the inspection close feedback meeting, our assessor advised they had been worried about navigating Civica Legal, but found it very easy and straightforward to find everything, the easiest case management system they had used during all their years of doing Lexcel assessments.

During interviews with staff, they were also very positive about Civica Legal, and found it very intuitive and straightforward to use.

Reaffirming Our Choice

The assessor's commendation and the positive staff feedback validate our decision to adopt Civica Legal as our case management system of choice. The seamless integration and ease of use contributed to our success in the Lexcel assessment.

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continued success and efficiency with Civica as our trusted partner in legal case management.

Civica Case Management

Civica Case Management solutions are in place across hundreds public sector customers including Legal, Coroner and Registrar teams, delivering effectiveness and efficiency of case management and can be your tool to achieving operational excellence and as well such as achieving and maintaining Lexcel accreditation.

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