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Push past 88mph and learn how we can release the untapped potential of connected devices

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From reporting the temperature on a Coca-Cola can, to Marty McFly’s smart home in the future - connected devices have come a long way. While it’s not necessarily a new technology, it’s one with untapped potential. So how can we do this and benefit everyone in society?

Using our trusty time machine, we’ve been able to see where this technology started. Since then, the rise in remote working and, demand for smarter homes and personal health monitoring have driven an explosion in wearable and connected devices.

We’ve shared a number of use cases of where connected devices are supporting better public services, but there’s still a lot of room to broaden our thinking and realise the technology's full potential.

To help, we’ve teamed up with Amazon and public sector leaders to create Perspectives* volume 5. So, strap yourself in as we push past 88mph and help public services connect to the future.

In this action-packed and nostalgia drenched volume we…

  • Take a trip back to the 80s and uncover the history of connected devices
  • Explain how they work so we can generate the magical 1.21 gigawatts
  • Identify the gap so we can avoid a game over scenario (whoa that’s heavy man)
  • Share the current drivers and positive impact stories across local government, health and care, central government, housing and education
  • Connect all the key elements in our retro ‘mix tape’ to help you extract more value.


There are

connected devices in the world today

IoT could unlock

worth of economic value by 2030

More than

of leaders confirmed the tech has the potential to benefit public services

Martin Bishop,

Chief Technologist,

Amazon Web Services (AWS) UK Public Sector

Given the prevalence of such devices in our lives, and the power of IoT platforms in the Cloud, organisations are better placed than ever to create value for the benefit of all, by integrating data and capabilities from different areas to meet broad business requirements.

Connect to the future

Smart devices, IoT, and the odd hoverboard, in volume 5 of Perspectives* we push past 88mph to examine how public services can unlock the full potential of connected devices.

Download Perspectives*

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