Qualifications Wales supports learners with flexible, user-focused system 

New stand-alone qualifications system improves information sharing and collaboration

Qualifications Wales is the independent regulator for non-degree qualifications in Wales. With main activities centred on policy and research, approval of qualifications for public funding and monitoring its recognised exam boards, the regulator has a strong focus on supporting learners and external stakeholders. This means it’s important that information about qualifications is easy to access and understand.

To deliver on this and provide a high-quality customer experience to its users, Qualifications Wales needed a brand new stand-alone qualifications database to replace a legacy system that was populated from the English regulation database. The regulator selected Civica to develop the new bi-lingual Qualifications in Wales (QiW) portal within a challenging timescale. 


  • Improved ability for stakeholders to search and extract information
  • Improved responsiveness by Qualifications Wales to awarding bodies 
  • Better visibility of work in progress 
  • The reliable provision of relevant and accurate qualifications data to stakeholders 
  • Confidence and relative ease for stakeholders when using the regulatory qualification system in Wales 
  • Over 9,000 people accessed the new system in its first six months of use
  • The QiW system was named a finalist in the 2016 UK IT Industry Awards in the Best Not-for-profit Project category.
We chose to develop this system using agile methods and needed a partner who could not only deliver quickly and effectively, but also work from a base of established experience. Civica gave us confidence that they had the right experience to complete the task successfully. 
Alison Standfast, Executive Director Finance & Corporate Services, Qualifications Wales