Jacobs Enforcement chose to migrate to CivicaCollect

17th March 2022

More than 185 local authorities throughout England and Wales trust Jacobs as their partner for enforcement and debt collection services.

Jacobs previously managed its operations using a bespoke software solution. But as keeping the software updated became more of a struggle, the firm looked for a more reliable solution that could more easily keep pace with change.

In 2003, having assessed the market, Jacobs chose to migrate to CivicaCollect.

The power of a single view of debt

Both Jacobs and its local authority clients want a single view of debt in the form of a unified profile per debtor. "CivicaCollect links cases together to create a single view of debt," says Paula Jacobs, Director. "The solution was ahead of its time with this capability, which remains one of its key strengths."

This helps Jacobs collect multiple debts from the same person or business more efficiently, and gives clients a consolidated view of those debts across multiple systems, which they wouldn't otherwise have.

Strong financials for client payment

Paula points out that accurately paying clients the money collected on their behalf is the most important aspect of Jacobs' business.

"That's why the stability of the fiscal side of the Civica solution — which we rely on as it stands — is so critical to our business," she says.

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Ben Quinn,

Technology Director,


CollectVisit has become a popular and effective day to day tool for our agents. Placing live case data at their fingertips, our agents are constantly informed and able to process and respond to case changes on the road quickly and efficiently.