CIM CPD engagement doubles in one year with Civica Learning

16th November 2021

CPD engagement doubles in one year for the Chartered Institute of Marketing with Civica Learning

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) wanted to enhance the continuing professional development (CPD) service it provides its members.

The challenge

CIM is the world’s leading marketing body. For over 100 years, CIM has supported, represented and developed the marketing profession across the world.

Whether members are new to marketing or experienced professionals, CIM has long encouraged and supported its members to record their learning and CPD.

To enhance the service, CIM sought to find a new way for their members to record, track and submit their CPD activities, all supported by modern, easy-to-use technology.

The solution

Kate Gardhouse, Director of Customer Experience, IT & Operations at CIM said, “As with all membership organisations, we have unique drivers and different membership levels, member needs and development requirements. An off-the-shelf solution would not have met our specific requirements and developing our own solution would have been too costly.”

"Having reviewed a number of options, we decided to partner with the Civica Learning team because of their understanding of the membership space, their partnership focus and shared interest in developing a solution that would benefit our members."

Working in collaboration with CIM, Civica combined the trusted Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) with a CPD management solution that was built around the core needs of CIM and their members.

The result was CIM CPD, a modern, easy to use platform that is accessible on desktop and Apps. It enables members to take full ownership of their CPD records, allowing them to easily log a wide range of learning activities, upload evidence attachments and write reflective notes, while tracking progress against the annual CPD requirements for their respective membership level.

Members can record learning activities - those provided by CIM, other organisations or independent activities - such eLearning, on the job training, reading professional journals, watching academic videos or attending webinars and events. Once a member has completed their CPD year, they receive a digital CPD certificate as proof of their commitment to ongoing development. If selected for audit by CIM, members can easily submit their completed CPD record, with all reflective notes and evidence files at the click of a button.

CIM Logo

Kate Gardhouse,

Director of Customer Experience,

IT & Operations at CIM

Civica Learning CPD solution is enabling us to support our members with a true customer-centric CPD experience. Supported by both iOS and Android Apps, our members can manage their CPD record on a device of their choice, meaning they can commit time to their learning whether they are at work, at home or travelling.



The result

“Since launching CIM CPD, sign-ups have doubled in one year. CPD has had a greater role in our membership offering and is a key benefit to our members. Supporting the increased level of CPD activity would not have been as straightforward without Civica Learning.”

Before the introduction of the CIM CPD solution, many members would wait until deadline day to complete and submit their CPD records. It was a challenge for members to remember what activities they had undertaken. With its ease-of-use on desktop and via the App, CIM members are now recording their CPD activities when they occur, throughout the year. With greater visibility of their members’ records, CIM can now prompt members to update their activities throughout year and provide guidance on areas and disciplines to focus on, tailored to the individual member.

Civica Learning has been fully integrated with CIM’s CRM system, which allows CIM’s support team to view member CPD status and records within the CRM. When providing support, any update made by CIM’s support team to a member’s CPD record is instantly visible to a member via their CIM CPD profile. This has enabled CIM to improve the support they provide their members.

Using CIM CPD, members can create a personalised PDF of their CPD record, which they can save, export, upload or print, allowing them to showcase their CPD activities during annual reviews or during interviews for promotions or new roles.

Using Single Sign On, CIM CPD is fully integrated into ‘MyCIM’ – CIM’s member portal – allowing members who are recording their CPD activities, to see a range of other benefits, including eBooks, training courses, podcasts and CIM’s member magazine, ‘Catalyst’.

“CIM CPD has also had a positive impact on member retention, as having CPD accessible alongside our other benefits, enables members to see the wider value of their membership.”

“CIM CPD is better enabling us to support and encourage the professional development of our members, whether they’re new to marketing or experienced professionals. The solution helps us to achieve our strategic goal of awarding Chartered Marketer status, which recognises a marketer’s commitment to professional development, staying current and abiding by a professional code of conduct,” concluded Kate.