Teachers’ Pension Monthly Contributions Reconciliation

Make a seamless transition from Monthly Data Collection to Monthly Contributions Reconciliation

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Act now! Teachers’ Pension Monthly Contributions Reconciliation

For 10 years, Civica Payroll has supported education employers and payroll providers with Teachers’ Pensions by effortlessly producing the Monthly Data Collection (MDC) as part of the payroll process. In 2019, Teachers’ Pensions announced that the MDC would be replaced with an improved data collection, the Monthly Contributions Reconciliation (MCR). An amalgamation of the MDC, Monthly Contributions Breakdown and Enrolment processes, MCR is designed to reduce effort and improve accuracy.

Civica have worked closely with Teachers’ Pensions to make a seamless transition from MDC to MCR. With just a simple software update, Civica Payroll now allows the MCR to be produced quickly and easily every month. The original deadline for employers to move to MCR was October 2021, and Civica Payroll was ready for this date. Already, schools, MATS and payroll bureaux are using Civica Payroll to submit MCR. Teachers’ Pension subsequently extended the onboarding deadline and MCR will be the only way to submit salary and contributions information from April 2022. Therefore, if you have not switched yet, you can be confident that our payroll software is ready when you do.

  • Included as standard for education customers
  • Using your existing payroll data combined with the education data. Also used to record School Workforce Census and Single Central Record.
  • Linked with major school management systems to reduce data entry by synchronising between your MIS and our Payroll & HR solution.

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