Agylia Virtual Reality (VR) Training Content

Now is the time to embrace scalable and cost-effective VR training.

You can fully immerse your learners in real-life scenarios that challenge, test and develop their knowledge and skills.

With changing technologies and increasing regulatory scrutiny, organisations in safety critical industries face a constant challenge to rapidly upskill their workforce. VR training provides unprecedented opportunities to recreate real-life scenarios to train people more effectively in a safe, repeatable, efficient and cost-effective way.

Agylia creates custom VR training experiences that are tailored to immerse learners in your organisation’s own environment. Our content supports a range of training programmes, including induction and onboarding, equipment and maintenance, risk assessment, health and safety, and environment awareness. We can create standalone, immersive VR experiences designed to be used with headsets such as the Oculus Quest. Or we can embed these experiences inside online training courses designed for web browser access and navigation.

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Why you should consider VR for your next training programme.

Compared with traditional learning methods, VR training is proven to offer significant benefits:

Reduce training time by

Improve employee performance by

How VR training drives improved safety, knowledge and skills.

  • Rapid production
    Our team of experienced designers recreate training scenarios in a VR environment to produce quick and consistent training content.
  • Scalable delivery
    With no reliance on instructors or operational equipment, VR training can be created once and made available to your global workforce anytime, anywhere – using headsets or just a web browser.
  • Increased skill transfer
    VR training enables learners to develop and practise skills in a realistic environment, which improves recall, decision-making and competence.
  • Enhanced engagement
    Fully immersive VR scenarios bring learning to life and provide the interactive, gamified and stimulating experiences that improve engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Improved risk and safety management
    High-risk scenarios can be recreated in a safe environment to deliver real-life experiences without any real-world threat or danger.
  • Achieve compliance
    With every user action tracked, data and analytics will give you the insights to drive measurable outcomes, enhance processes, improve performance and achieve compliance.