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Generate additional Council Tax revenue by regularly monitoring your Single Person Discount (SPD) caseload

Most councils review their SPD caseload on a one- or two-year cycle to make sure SPDs on Council Tax are correctly applied. As well as causing a large spike in workload when review time comes around, this approach leaves a large window of opportunity for fraud and error, which can lead to considerable revenue losses.

With our OnDemand SPD monitoring service, you’ll replace periodic bulk reviews with monthly monitoring of your entire SPD caseload.

Powered by Experian’s unique datasets our expert team spot SPD claims which may be fraudulent, and identify and process changes of circumstances that could affect eligibility.

Why Civica OnDemand SPD monitoring?

Now running for over 8 years, our unique monitoring service was developed working with local authorities facing a variety of SPD-related challenges. Each year we review over 400k SPD caseloads on behalf of councils, resulting in over £20m in additional Council Tax income, and a higher return on investment than bulk reviews deliver.

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Increase revenue collection and income

Teal alert warning
Reduce fraudulent claims and errors

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Maintain accurate SPD records

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Save time and reutilise resource

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Deliver a better service to your citizens


Nick Rowe,

Assistant Director,

Local Tax and Accounts Receivable, London Borough of Ealing

Regular reviews mean that citizens answer questions about potential alerts just once, instead of each time we undertake a bulk review. With Civica’s service, new claims for SPD are verified and processed faster, whereas our old approach took a lot more work, time and left a large window of opportunity for fraud and error to occur.

additional Council Tax revenue generated

cases continuously monitored

returned for every £1 invested

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