Lauren Tubb, Customer Development Manager

Lauren Tubb

Customer Development Manager, Health & Care

Lauren engages with organisations including NHS Trusts to understand how we can collaboratively partner and help them to achieve their digitisation strategy.

Why is it important for women to support each other in the workplace?

It’s extremely important because it’s a quite commonly held belief that a woman has to excel to a higher degree than a man to get the same recognition: if a woman has managed to secure a status in the workplace where she has a platform to pull other women up onto, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reduce the struggle against the tide for another. Whether it be nature or nurture, biology or social conditioning, women tend not to shout as loudly as men about their achievements, so it’s even more important to have others that can empathise with that trait who will shout for them.

How do you think gender equal workplaces can be achieved?

By constantly being mindful of your vocabulary, by which I mean gender-biased language that sets the tone. Too often one will use a male example, even if retrospectively someone remembers to edit themselves and say something like, “Or she”. It’s a tick in the box of equality rather than a progressive and proactive approach to it.

Is there anything you’ve personally done to encourage women to consider a career in technology?

I often speak to my daughter and her peers to encourage technology careers from a young age; I wax lyrical about Civica and the opportunities here which have encouraged many of my friends to consider joining and think about tech careers as being more accessible.

What more can women do to motivate each other in the workplace?

Mentoring is a great way to guide, motivate and encourage other women. Women can have a tendency to put themselves down and not believe in their own capabilities, so a little encouragement, someone showing confidence in them, and presenting them with an opportunity to excel and grow, goes a long way. I’m very lucky to have a great mentor at Civica who has given me her time, encouragement and skills which have allowed me to grow in my role and as a person.