Diversity and inclusion

Meet our women in tech

Everybody should feel that they belong in the workplace. At Civica, you can bring your full selves to work.

If you’re after a career where you’re rewarded and recognised on merit, not for who you are or who you know, then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re making sure our facilities are equipped for people with disabilities. We have an inclusive recruitment process in place. And we’re making diversity and inclusion training mandatory.

Andrea Rowe,

Principal People Consultant

Civica puts employee wellbeing at the forefront, encouraging everyone to bring their true selves to work. As Group lead for diversity and inclusion, I’ve seen how we genuinely value an inclusive workplace.

The more diverse our global workforce, the more informed the decisions we can make for our customers, supporting the communities in which we work.

We partner with charity Young Enterprise for employees to mentor and inspire young people to choose a tech career. Our Coding for Kids scheme, launched and developed by a female graduate, has involved several schools across Northern Ireland.

We regularly monitor the makeup of our people, based on data they voluntarily provide. It’s not the full picture, but it gives us a good indication on which groups are underrepresented at Civica.