Aakansha Khubani

Junior Software Engineer

Horizons Program - kick-starting careers

Our Horizons Graduate program is designed to give our young graduates the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to build the foundations for a successful career. Once enrolled, they’ll receive top quality training, and on-the-job support and even gain some qualifications along the way.

Our graduates join us from all disciplines, not just business and IT, and offer us a fresh approach, an open mind, and a positive attitude. Coaching and mentoring form an important part of our graduate programme, and we ensure everyone who joins us gains the group-wide exposure and ongoing support they need to succeed. They also have the opportunity to pursue a number of placements in a variety of locations, broadening their experience and understanding of our culture, as well as being able to understand their full potential across different roles.

This week Aakansha Khubani shares her Civica journey as a junior software engineer. Aakansha was recommended to Civica by friends who’d shared their positive experience of our Horizons program.

“It’s been a year since I joined Civica. While I was a graduate trainee, I was provided with some sessions on how to communicate and present in a better way apart from the technical training sessions. I’m now proud to say that these sessions have strengthened my skills and raised my confidence. And in no time at all, I’ve been working with our global team and receiving lots of praise. I’d like to thank Civica for giving me and other graduates this opportunity to kick start our careers. Apart from the thoughtful Academy team, it’s the supportive culture of Civica that’s really helped us to grow."


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