Supporting electoral services teams to deliver successful elections

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The leading solution for electoral management software. 

Support your electoral services teams to deliver successful elections. With Xpress, you can deliver faster, more efficient and compliant electoral processes.  

Since 2001, Civica has been helping local authorities meet the government's changing electoral, legislative requirements while improving citizen engagement and participation in voting. 

We support every step of the democratic process, from electoral registration and management to election services and supplies.  

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Why choose Xpress?

Saves time and money

Supports digital agenda

Complies with all legislation

Xpress core system - Register and Management

Register – Electoral registration system that helps your electoral administrators manage all their registration needs, including the annual canvass. Fully integrated with the Mobile Canvasser app. 

Key features: 


  • Unlimited users on a single licence 
  • Fully integrated IER solution 
  • Data mining 
  • Two-way email and SMS 
  • Register distribution 
  • AES 256 Zip encryption 
  • Full auditing 
  • Automated Household Response (enables citizens to respond to the HEF by telephone, SMS or online) 
  • Automated boundary maintenance 
  • Automated NLPG loader 
  • Automated local data matching 
  • Document scheduler 
  • Absent voter signature refresh 
  • Integrated Mapping tool 


Management – an end-to-end election management system that allows for all types of elections and referendums to be built and run by local authority election teams. 

Fully integrates with the Mobile Election App (E-Staffing and PSI & PO apps) as well as the Xpress Count module. 

Key features: 

  • Accounts module 
  • Count and results display module 
  • Election timetable calculator 
  • E-Staff account module (MEA) 
  • Election builder 
  • E-Polling station booking 
  • Polling Station Inspector (PSI) app 
  • Presiding Officer (PO) app 
  • Election notices (full document suite with auditing) 
  • Nomination processing (with integrated validation) 
  • Alert centre 
  • Absent vote feature (with real-time PVS updates) 
  • Extensive online help 

Both the register and management modules are fully integrated with Xpress Scan (included in the core system product) allowing you to securely scan all IER-related forms and handle absent vote documentation. 

Mobile Canvasser App

Currently used by 2,500 canvassers across 85 local authorities, the app enables canvassers to work faster & smarter, capturing and syncing data seamlessly with the electoral register.

The Xpress Mobile Canvasser App is proven to improve return rates up to 12% for the Household Enquiry Form and Invitation to Register, even in areas where the response is typically low. The Mobile Canvasser App also saves time and money, replacing traditional paper-based door-to-door canvassing which can reduce employee costs by up to 50%.

Key features:

  • Fully integrated with Xpress Register
  • Data security with encryption, remote wiping and GPS tracking
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Secure hosting.

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Web based access

Enable your customer contact centres to manage day-to-day election-related enquiries, with secure web-based access to your electoral register. 

Key features: 

  • Intuitive register access, designed for customer contact centres 
  • Easy deployment (via intranet as opposed to client terminal install) 
  • View household details to confirm current elector status 
  • View elector’s councillors, MP, MEP etc 
  • View elector’s default and current polling station 
  • Add a new pending elector 
  • Change an elector opt out status 
  • Request or produce a postal or proxy application form 
  • Produce letters (confirmation of residence etc) 
  • Unlimited concurrent use licence  
Xpress Maps

Digitises, simplifies and improves the efficiency of local authority ward and polling district reviews.

Key features:

  • Easy to use mapping tool, produces reports at the touch of a button
  • Quickly move boundaries onscreen and calculate elector totals
  • Achieve more evenly distributed electorate within a region
  • Edited scenarios can be viewed by authorised stakeholders, improving the efficiency of the consultation process.

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Xpress Online Training for Polling Station Staff

Comprehensive Courses for Polling Station Staff

Separate Presiding Officer, Polling Station Inspector and Poll Clerk courses are available for the various upcoming election types, including General Election, based on EC Guidance and fully updated with Election Act changes. Reduce your training costs with no set up fees and charges only applicable for the licenses used.

Key features:

  • Flexible learning available 24/7
  • Reduce training costs
  • Compliant with legislation
  • User-friendly content with engaging activities
  • Customisable branding
  • Progress and test result reporting

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Trusted by 70% of local authorities in England and Wales, Xpress is the market leading electoral software. The solution enables you to run all types of election and referendums including parliamentary, local, parish, parish polls, mayoral, national, local and Neighbourhood Planning Referendums.

Cathy Potter,

Head of Electoral Services,

Serving Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

As a long-standing customer of Xpress, it is by far the industry leader in electoral management systems. Their professional, reliable, innovative approach and commitment to evolve and improve their systems ensures that we can concentrate on the important work of running our elections, secure in the knowledge that support is there when needed, especially at critical periods.

With the Civica Democracy & Engagement division along with Xpress offering end-to-end electoral services, as well as software integration between their businesses – there really is only one choice for any local authority’s electoral needs.

We have delivered Xpress for customers including

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