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Ensuring safety and efficiency for prescribing administration.

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Civica Prescribing is the most comprehensive electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) solution for inpatient and outpatient and community care settings. It's designed to help you transform care, improve patient safety, advance outcomes and increase operational effectiveness.

The system supports the entire medicines use process and encompasses a safe, coherent structure from pre-admission, through medicines reconciliation, to discharge. Straightforward and user-friendly, it delivers a practical system for front-line clinical staff; and puts the right information about prescribing and administering medicine at their fingertips to help optimise clinical practice and patient care.

Accurate information to support clinical reasoning and accelerate treatments

Civica Prescribing will help you make the transition from paper-based to electronic prescribing. It's just one of the healthcare applications we've developed over past 30 years, all of which are based on our clinical experience, and are designed to help transform healthcare services.

Civica Prescribing:

  • Was developed and designed in collaboration with NHS healthcare professionals, and built using the NHS Common User Interface
  • Adheres to NHS best practice and NICE guidelines for the safe and effective use of medicines to enable the best possible outcomes
  • Complies with NHS Clinical Safety Standards (ISO 0129) and is registered under the Medical Device Directive (CE1 Class device)
  • Supports mental health prescribing and administration, including addiction services, titration and pattern prescribing, dispensing schedules and batch prescriptions.
  • Is interoperable with other clinical systems (PAS, EPR, laboratory systems, pharmacy systems) via industry-standard electronic messaging
  • Features patient safety protocols to prevent adverse reactions and ensure healthcare professionals are provided with guidance to safeguarding patients’ wellbeing.
  • Incorporates real-time clinical decision support (CDS) and role-based access to ensures clinicians receive accurate and relevant information to enable consistent and safe prescribing
  • Allows functions to be scaled across an entire organisation and concentrated in specific areas, so that you can manage specific department/speciality requirements and evolve their ePrescribing capabilities over time
  • Includes functions such as regimen templates for frequently prescribing medicines, meds reconciliation, allergies, asymmetric dosing and titration patterns, clozapine administration and oxygens
  • Provides drug administration on touchscreen and tablet in support of responsive healthcare environments and patient-focused care

Civica is a partner on the NHS Shared Business Services Healthcare Clinical Information Systems (HCIS) Framework for ePrescribing. We achieved the highest score on the Framework relating to all ePrescribing requirements in the NHS.

Our ePrescribing solution gives everyone involved in prescribing and administration a seamless, adaptable and easy to use solution to support the entire medicines process.

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