West Kent Housing and Civica welcome students to tech careers

16th October 2023

Housing and tech join forces to add community social value

West Kent Housing Association and Civica are running a successful programme to educate young people about the world of work.

Following a visit to Orchard Academy, two placement students spent a week at Civica’s London hub to learn more about working in a global software business.

The work placement and previous school visit are part of Civica’s Social Value Programme with West Kent Housing Association, a joint venture to support development, education and careers advice in the local community.

Working with colleagues across Civica’s social housing business, the students followed a structured programme including coding and software development, sales and training and career progression in the technology industry.

The feedback from the students was very positive, with both enjoying brushing up their SQL coding skills as well as meeting new people and learning about future career paths. One student has since decided to consider an apprenticeship after completing their A-Levels.

Dawn Grant,

Employability and Training Manager,

West Kent

These placements really help young people to have valuable experience to put on their CV and stand out to future employers. It also gives them a taste of working life and inspiration for the future as well as the chance to practice wider social skills, which are so vital in today’s workplace.

Russ Banner,

Employability and Training Officer,

West Kent

It’s great to offer this social value activity as part of our partnership with Civica. From the Orchard School presentation to work experience opportunities, this inspires young people to look at bigger opportunities and open their eyes to a range of job options. It’s also great for them to have the experience of commuting and working in London.

Laura Kennard,

Programme Director, Housing,


We’re delighted to add social value to our customers in this way. The partnership with our customer West Kent is a way for us to also give back to the wider community. It’s also invaluable for us to welcome young people into Civica to show them the huge range of opportunities a career in technology can bring.