24th June 2020

telent Technology Services Ltd automates fleet management with Civica Tranman

Civica delivers complex integrated fleet management project

Leading UK technology company, telent, selected Civica’s Tranman Fleet Management software through an RFQ process as a best-value, innovative solution.

The project enables telent to make more informed decisions, ensure compliance and create operational savings.

telent specialise in the design, build, operation, and maintenance of the UK’s critical digital infrastructure. Public sector customers they serve include transport, emergency services, network providers and higher education.

To support its fleet of 1200 vehicles, Tranman provides telent with a software solution that is fully integrated with third party suppliers, delivered as a managed service. Tranman has replaced manual processes with an automated central management tool for the fleet department to proactively manage fleet performance, grey fleet compliance and defect management.

Key benefits:

  • Increased productivity through automated processes and management by exception
  • Proactive management of fleet performance based on KPIs
  • Decision-making supported by comprehensive and timely data
  • Improved management of grey fleet compliance with self-service driver portal

For grey fleet management, Tranman includes a self-service driver portal to upload relevant documents, such as insurance.

KPI dashboards provide management alerts against criteria specified by telent for vehicle and driver compliance. This includes alerts for missing or out-of-date documents.

The management of occupational road risk is very important to us at telent. Tranman Fleet Management software enables us to proactively manage driver and vehicle compliance and improve customer service by optimising fleet availability. This includes ensuring that our grey fleet is managed with the same duty of care. We were impressed by how well Civica worked as a team with our staff to deliver this project in such a tight timeframe.
John Hole, Fleet Services Manager, telent Technology Services
telent recognises the importance of ensuring duty of care for all drivers while managing its fleet more pro-actively.  The next phase will deliver our vehicle checks app. This will provide telent with a live view of driver daily check compliance and faster reporting of defects to further minimise downtime.
Keith Hawker, Managing Director for Civica Transport

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