Civica forest springs to life!

23rd November 2022

Our new Civica forest springs to life!

In early November, a group of teal-fingered Civicans donned their wellies and spent a day in the magnificent Yorkshire countryside planting trees for our new Civica forest. Working alongside Rewards Earth and some inspirational armed forces veterans from the Green Task Force and Shifting Minds, our Civica colleagues helped to plant more than 750 new trees!

Our trip to Yorkshire was, however, just the beginning. Early next year we’ll be planting many more trees. If you’ve got green fingers (or you simply enjoy the great outdoors!) please get in touch with Luella Porter, Head of ESG.

The Civica Forest initiative is led by our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Committee. Launched in 2021, the ESG Committee brings together volunteers from every division and region of Civica, has been tasked with defining the environmental and social changes we need to achieve as a company, mapping out the journey to achieve those changes and ensuring they are embedded, sustained and monitored by the business.

Civica people planting group