Tackling food waste

Civica Catering Management new feature helps caterers cut carbon

7th March 2022

Civica unveils new software feature to help caterers cut down on carbon

  • New carbon footprint feature, which will be available to all Civica Catering Management (formerly Saffron) customers, is announced as part of Food Waste Action Week, which runs from 7-13 March 
  • Food Waste Action Week, which is in its second year and supported by Civica, has been organised by UK-based environmental charity WRAP 
  • Follow the campaign using the hashtag #FoodWasteActionWeek

Global software provider Civica marks this year’s Food Waste Action Week with the launch of a new software feature which will allow catering providers to easily calculate and report on CO2 values for their foodservice recipes and menus. 

Civica Catering Management is the first kitchen management solution to integrate carbon values, helping customers reduce their environmental footprint and deliver on their carbon reduction targets.

The new software feature has been unveiled during WRAP's Food Waste Action Week which is now in its second year and which Civica is proud to sponsor. Running from 7-13 March, the event aims to change the major impact food waste has on our environment and wildlife via the Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change message. 

Food Waste Action Week aims to create lasting change that helps to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving global food waste by 2030. Around a third of food produced globally is lost or wasted which is having a real impact on climate change, contributing up to 10% of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Phil Jones,

Managing Director,

Catering Management, Civica

Tackling food waste and cutting carbon are top priorities for our 300+ catering customers from the UK to New Zealand. Civica Catering Management’s new carbon footprint feature, which we’re delighted to announce today, will play a key role in helping our customers around the globe achieve their environmental ambitions.

But food waste is a complex environmental and societal challenge and collaboration between business, government and leading charities like WRAP is therefore critical. For this reason, we’re delighted to support this year’s Food Waste Action Week. From helping our customers through our smart technologies to encouraging our colleagues to reduce food waste at home, there are lots of ways we can make a positive difference.