Totally Local Company goes live with Civica fleet management software

2nd August 2021

Tranman software is removing manual processes, improving compliance and safety of a 250+ fleet delivering an array of local services to Stockport and the surrounding area

Totally Local Company (TLC) is a subsidiary of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) and manages a wide range of local services from school meals to street lighting, Highways Maintenance to Refuse collections & Recycling, and commercial cleaning to all things Greenspace using a diverse fleet of vehicles. Tranman Fleet Management software has improved joined up working across multiple teams to save time and improve vehicle availability.

Previously, TLC managed more than 250 fleet and 800 drivers using paper and spreadsheets. It was resource intensive and time consuming. Manual processes slowed reporting (and fixing) of vehicle defects and workshop productivity, and finance had to complete multiple checks to reconcile billing for each job. With such a big operation, the risk and cost to maintain each vehicle was escalating.

As a safety-first organisation it was crucial that safety was at the heart of any changes made. We needed a system to work from day one and meet our needs without steep software development costs. Being able to automate processes to work more efficiently and have better data insight allows all departments to work better as one team.”

Alastair Burns, Divisional Head of Fleet Services

Tranman is beginning to improve vehicle availability through proactive maintenance and has removed paper to save time. Drivers use an app to complete vehicles checks which instantly updates Tranman. It allows workshop managers to prioritise resources better and rectify defects quickly. For example, vehicles with minor faults which are still safe to use can remain in operation, and repairs can be carried out when they’re not in use. Whereas those vehicles that require immediate attention are booked into the workshop for urgent repairs.

In the workshop, jobs are booked into Tranman as soon as vehicles arrive. Technicians can assign parts and complete maintenance via their devices. Upon completion, job data is sent directly to finance for billing, significantly increasing invoicing speed and accuracy.

Our workshop team is made up of diverse technology capabilities. We were hesitant about how some members of the team might respond to replacing paperwork with mobile devices – but we needn’t have worried! It’s great to see teams are adapting well to the system and they certainly appreciate how much time and effort it saves them every day.”

Alastair Burns

Using Tranman,Totally Local Company has a much greater control on running costs and compliance with a full audit trail. Having access to the real-time status of their vehicles, managers can easily identify trends such as driver training needs and fleet cost-effectiveness based on vehicle types. With a safer and more reliable fleet, TLC can focus on improving services to their community while meeting SMBC’s aim to deliver services in a sustainable way.

“Fleet is our most expensive asset and we rely on a diverse range of vehicles to deliver services to the community, from small vans to refuse trucks, and cranes to woodchippers. With Tranman, we’re getting more out of our vehicles. We can prioritise and plan repairs and maintenance more effectively, minimising downtime and ensuring vehicle availability. We can run reconciliation reports at a touch of a button and have clear visibility of vehicle running costs against budget. Billing can be undertaken weekly as opposed to monthly which improves cashflow and we can further automate the file extracts from Tranman directly into our finance system, reducing finance manual activity even more.

In addition, we did this during lockdown, despite increased workload and reduced staff at TLC. With no face-to-face contact with Civica, we implemented Tranman in just five months, with minimal disruption to services. The ease of access to fleet performance data will play a big part when we join the DVSA scheme in the future.”