Experience an apprenticeship at Civica

3rd February 2023

Supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2023

National Apprenticeship Week is back - an annual event for schools, colleges, employers, career advisers and students to celebrate, promote and learn about the fantastic opportunities that apprenticeships can offer.

At Civica, we live up to our Investors in People Gold employer status by supporting our colleagues at all stages of their careers, including our apprentices. We chatted to Marketing Executive Laura Keighley and Government Marketing Manager Duncan Gosling about their apprenticeship experiences…

Laura, why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I’m a very hands-on individual, that’s how I learn best, so an apprenticeship really suits my learning style. As I learn new skills from my course, I can implement and practice them in my work at Civica; vice versa, I can use the new tools I learn from colleagues in my coursework.

Duncan, why did you choose to have an apprentice on your team?

I’ve always worked in environments with a strong focus on investing in apprentices. They bring such enthusiasm and energy to the team – the combination of studying something you’re passionate about, while putting those theories into action, gives them such a rounded appreciation of the role and the company. They also bring new ideas, new ways of thinking to the team and provide a tremendous balance to us and our team activities.

What’s your experience been like as an apprentice at Civica?

Laura: It’s been really positive! My managers have been extremely supportive; they allow me plenty of time during the working week to complete my coursework. I’m encouraged by my team to get involved in lots of different marketing activities so I can have a wide range of experiences for my portfolio.

I also joined Civica’s Early Careers Affinity Group, which has supported my apprenticeship by enabling me to network with colleagues on similar journeys. I’m involved in tasks and activities for the group which further support my apprenticeship work. Plus, our Early Careers Affinity Group has given me the opportunity to share ideas about how we can support future apprentices, recent graduates, and other colleagues early in their career journey.

How has Civica supported you to bring in an apprentice?

Duncan: Civica has made it really easy to bring Laura on to the apprenticeship programme, find the best college and course that is convenient for her. The Affinity Group for early careers has also been a great support function and allowed Laura to engage with people in a similar situation and taking their first steps in the business world.

What’s been the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

Laura: Definitely when I passed my Level 3 BCS Relationship Marketing Exam!

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to a friend?

Laura: I certainly would, it’s a great way to understand the subject you are studying. You get to apply the skills to your daily work, which helps learners like me to embed the knowledge, and you’re getting on-the-job training which is more engaging than just classroom-based learning!

Would you recommend other leaders to consider an apprentice for their team?

Duncan: Absolutely! I wouldn’t think twice about bringing another apprentice into the team in the future. Laura is great fun and makes us all look inwards at our own thoughts and processes by providing a new set of eyes. My (and I will put words into the rest of the team’s mouth here) experience has been nothing but positive.


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