2nd December 2019

Wincanton signals commitment to digital innovation with TranSend delivery app deal

Wincanton, the largest British logistics provider, has announced that it is equipping its entire vehicle fleet with new smartphone software to track and trace deliveries following a successful trial. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to harnessing digital innovation for the benefit of both its workforce and customers.

Provided by Civica, Wincanton’s system is called Winsight and uses GPS technology to provide customers with up-to-the-minute information on the movement of goods prior to delivery and handles the unique delivery process required by each business division.

The mobile phone-based app will be provided to all company drivers and sub-contractors, and enables smoother management of the delivery process, as well as enhanced communications with drivers and delivery depots. The deal represents an important step in Wincanton’s aspiration to be leaders in delivering the digitised supply chain.

As a logistics provider with innovation at its core, we are always looking for new ways in which digital technology can enhance Wincanton’s operations. Following the success of last year’s trial, we are delighted to be able to roll Winsight out across our entire fleet. Integrating our services into the digitised supply chain will allow us to be more dynamic in our approach to delivering value for customers, and implementing technology like this goes a long way to doing that.
Andrew Devere, Network Director at Wincanton


Wincanton implements TranSend ePOD to provide Halfords with full track and trace of store deliveries, returns and cross-docking.

Wincanton, the largest British third party logistics provider, is the sole supplier of transport services to Halfords in the UK and responsible for transporting their products relating to car maintenance, car enhancement, car servicing, cycling and travel from Halfords’ warehouses to its stores.

Wincanton operates 55 vehicles for the Halfords delivery operation, delivering to 476 stores nationwide, totalling approximately 15,000 loads per year out of the Halfords distribution centres in Coventry and Redditch.

The Halfords fleet drivers use Winsight and the TranSend ePOD app deployed on Zebra TC56 rugged enterprise mobile devices for scan-loading, load building and cross-docking and to provide full tracking, visibility and precise location of goods at any point in the process, including proof of delivery and collection.

Halfords now has a full audit trail of goods as they move through the delivery network, including store-to-store deliveries and returns.


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