Buying Civica Software

and Services using

framework agreements


A guide for public sector buyers


How to buy

Civica is part of a number of buying and procurement frameworks to help you save valuable time and money when going out to tender. You can find the right solution for you by browsing the framework links above or contacting one of our experienced team today.

Benefits of procuring via a Framework

Speed and convenience
Faster, cheaper & more convenient than other procurement routes

No charge
Purchasers and buyers do not don’t have to pay a premium to use a framework agreement

Ease of use
Buying from a framework agreement is as easy as picking products and services from an online catalogue

Built-in compliance
Agreements comply with UK/EU procurement legislation,avoiding lengthy procurement processes

Peace of mind
The suppliers have been vetted and are actively managed, comply with accreditations, standards and legislation

Favourable Ts&Cs
Frameworks offer pre-agreed standard terms and conditions, so you don’t have to negotiate them yourself. 

Competitive pricing
Suppliers on framework contracts offer competitive, controlled prices which may go down

Contract Length
Contract lengths depend on the framework agreements and can run for to up to seven years


Find low cost high quality solutions by browsing the framework links above or contact one of our experienced team by completing the form below.

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