What we do

Building the software to sustain and enhance public services, globally

We provide an exceptional suite of software applications for the public services sectors we serve. From high streets and housing to health and social care, these highly evolved systems help our customers to be more responsive, efficient and innovative and deliver better outcomes for citizens. Developed by our market-specialist divisions, we continue to incorporate new ideas and technology to sustain and enhance public services around the world.  

We also provide a market-leading range of cross-sector software expertise.

Sector specific software

Across the five key areas of Government and Justice, Local Government, Housing, Health and Care, and Education, we offer a range of tried and tested packaged software. Suitable for deployment at an enterprise level, our software supports many of the vital activities within public sector businesses and sits at the core of what we do. From revenue and benefits processing for local authorities, to tenant management for housing associations, to clinical records management within healthcare, our software combines both our accumulated public sector experience and advanced technologies such as cloud and AI.  

Digital engagement and insights

We work with customers globally to build on the significant potential of technology and data insights to create better experiences for people and communities. Drawing on accumulated expertise we provide responsive digital services to modernise customer engagement and reduce costs whilst meeting government digital standards.

Our smart apps streamline field operations and make mobile workers more productive. Through digital workplace solutions we also enable secure collaboration between teams and multiple agencies to improve operational efficiency and ensure compliant data sharing. Using our trusted data platform and analytics tools we help to build insight-driven organisations, transforming data into actions to drive better performance and predictable outcomes.

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People and workforce management

Civica has 30 years of experience in software to effectively manage people processes and help deliver a better experience across your organisation. Expert in HR, payroll and workforce management, we’re helping to ensure more connected and agile working, improved talent management and more informed decisions.

Harnessing cloud, digital and mobile technology, we provide essential enterprise applications. Used by more than 1,000 customers, these include integrated HR, payroll and time and attendance, digital learning and specialist recruitment and rostering.

Finance management systems

Civica systems are used to administer more than £150bn in revenues or expenditure. We provide a comprehensive suite of cloud financials for customers across multiple sectors. These provide a clear view of finances and support improved management and control across core accounting and administration to drive efficiency. Our cloud software for health care providers and commissioners ensures activity, income and cost information is easily modelled, planned and monitored.

CivicaPay is used to process £2.5bn in secure electronic transactions annually. It provides a reliable and efficient multi-channel platform, streamlining payments from customer transactions to back office accounting. We also provide award-winning pensions software for all types of scheme, used by scheme managers and third party administrators to automate pension processes, maintain compliance and reduce risk.

Governance, risk and compliance

We provide an extensive range of software to support effective governance and compliance in core business activities and service delivery. Our iCasework platform also helps customers optimise case and complaints management with flexible, secure and compliant cloud software.

As the UK’s leading provider of software and services for election managementpublic engagement and digital democracy, we help a wide range of organisations internationally to engage their stakeholders and deliver secure, trusted voting projects. Our management software drives faster, more efficient and compliant electoral processes.

Compliance with legislation is a must for all customers. Our cloud software from catering management to transport solutions and fleet management ensure compliance while maximising operational efficiency and business performance. And our occupational health software provides greater insight to support the health and wellbeing of your people.