Integrating new teams

Erika Prada,

Support Manager,


When we found out that iCasework had been acquired by Civica, we felt quite apprehensive, but soon enough our fears had dissipated. We moved to the Southbank office three months later and are performing as well as we did in our old office. The transition was smooth and my new colleagues are especially welcoming. Overall, the move has been very positive and it feels great to be part of such a successful business.

We continue to welcome and on-board new colleagues who join us through acquisitions, including OneStep, National Retail Systems (NRS), VisionWare, Carelink, iCasework, ERS Group and TranSend Solutions. By identifying smaller, complementary businesses pioneering new technologies and expertise, we’re navigating new markets such as the care sector in Australia and democracy and engagement market in the UK.

We have a dedicated integration team on hand to guide new colleagues through the whole process of acquisition and give them the smoothest on-boarding into the Civica Group.

With our transparent and innovative culture paramount to how we work, ensuring the organisations we acquire fit culturally into the Group is a priority for us.