Danielle Wilson - Housing & Asset Management (UK) | Civica

22nd January 2024

We ran a Christmas themed vintage afternoon tea party on Friday 2nd December 2022 and raised £3,172 at the event which was split across six local dog and cat rescues. Fundraising for these rescues is really important to me as I’ve recently lost my own rescue dog so supporting events like this really honour his memory. Over the course of 2022 I’ve been part of a team of volunteers who've put on many events, reaching a staggering total of £23,000. It’s always so much fun, even if it means buttering 16 loaves of bread for sandwiches! When I told my team of volunteers that I was actually getting paid by Civica to volunteer, they were astonished. I plan to use my Days of Difference every year now. The photo is of me and Bridget, who is a rescue from Helping Yorkshire Poundies. Bridget was abandoned at three years old after having multiple litters and is currently in foster. Part of the funds raised at the tea party went to her.

Danielle Wilson