Enabling comprehensive case management

Helping to improve services supporting health, and independence by delivering comprehensive EPR and case management functionality for community health, child health, mental health, and adult and children’s social care.

Used by some of the largest health care providers in the UK and western Canada, it manages information to support the care delivery process - from initial referral and registration, through assessment, to delivery of an agreed care plan.

For peace of mind on security, upgrade management and keeping the service running, let us manage the solution so you don’t have to. Talk to us about moving to the cloud-enabled solution.

Why choose Paris

Integrates EPR and case management to support decision-making and help improve patient outcomes

A single view of a patient's information from referral through to care plan delivery

Supports mobile working, giving access to updated patient information anytime, anywhere

Paris improves patient outcomes by enabling front-line staff to record and share important information and help them make better decisions. It supports:

  • Multi-disciplinary team working
  • Integrated health and social care services
  • Online and offline mobile working and touchscreen tiles

Paris can be implemented as an integrated system or on a per-service basis. It incorporates the latest thinking on clinical safety, usability, accessibility and best practice, including relevant NHS Common User Interface (CUI) guidance such as the patient banner. Paris can be customised and applications and forms defined to meet changing needs.

Grace Birch,

Associate Director of Information Management and Technology,

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust

Over the past year, we’ve seen increased demand for our services as the UK’s mental health demands becomes ever more acute. This, combined with the availability of new technologies, saw us review our existing digital capabilities. Continuing our Civica partnership will enable us to improve care pathways and future-proof the Trust.

Some of our Paris customers include:

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