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Civica is a market-leading specialist in software, technology, and ICT services for libraries and educational institutions. We work with over 6,000 schools, colleges, TAFEs, and libraries helping to bring about improved teaching, learning, and administration for the benefit of students, teachers, and the wider community.

Essential school administration and finance software & services for schools and educational systems

Civica’s flagship education product, Civica Education Suite, brings together student administration, billing and finance, teaching tools and business analytics software, providing the systems' foundation to drive better education outcomes enabled by an integrated view of an institution, its students, and its resources.

Our software is designed specifically for the Australian education sector – for both single schools and jurisdictions - to improve administration and efficiency and is built to the latest web-based standards to ensure both mobility and data security.

In addition to CES, we also provide solutions including our igloo school portal, learning management, and library management.

Market leading library management software and services

Spydus10 is Civica’s complete, hosted integrated library management system (LMS) with modules for archive and digital asset management, patron discovery, analytics, mobile working, and event management. It is a market-leading LMS used by schools, TAFEs, special, national and public libraries internationally. Spydus offers an extensive consortia functionality and has a proven experience in successfully implementing nationwide library projects. Civica’s experienced team of librarians and library support specialists offer services such as complete managed libraries, library training and support, and library programmes.

Cloud solutions and managed IT services

With a leading cloud and managed services capability, we plan, provide and run effective IT solutions for our customers, such as Peter Moyes in Western Australia. Covering infrastructure, software licensing and service management, Civica is a proven partner with a flexible commercial approach. Our services enable schools and libraries to work efficiently and effectively and speed up the adoption of latest technology.

Digital transformation solutions

Civica partners with organisations to transform their services to meet evolving customer demands, increase operational efficiencies and crucially, remain competitive in the marketplace. To date, Civica has partnered with the likes of Northern Territory Government and TAFE Queensland to rapidly transform and improvce customer experience.  Our digital heritageskills, and experience, combined with our proven design-driven approach, are uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve this transformation. 

The intrinsic value of libraries as public spaces: Physical-digital, communicating the new normal

This report reveals insights for library service delivery, now and into the future, with a focus on the online library space.

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