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Build intelligence and efficiency into your organisation

Harness the power of data and digitisation

Modern technologies such as AI, cloud, machine learning and data analytics can transform the way you work. With Civica solutions, public sector organisations are making better informed decisions, working smarter and faster.

Our solutions can:

  • Give you a single view of your data anywhere, any time and on any device
  • Digitise your entire organisation on a cloud platform
  • Transform data into insights that support better outcomes
  • Automate processes to reduce risk and deliver better services for customers, suppliers and employees
  • Connect you with the needs and opinions of your stakeholders

The journey to a data driven government

The goals and priorities set out in the National Data Strategy (NDS) are more important than ever. But what’s holding back progress? And how have departments overcome these obstacles?

In our latest whitepaper, In July 2022 Civica and Dods Research gathered insights from 848 civil servants.

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DODS research partnership with Civica

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3, we reload machine learning to help crack the matrix and deliver more value for public services

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Machine learning reloaded