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Providing Australia’s largest multi-campus schools with the management tools they need to thrive

Civica Education Suite (CES) is the ultimate school management system, offering a set of modules built exclusively for any large group of schools that serve a wider network of schools. Key features include:

  • Cloud based for security and ease of access
  • A rich set of tools for administrators, finance managers and teachers 
  • Flexibility to integrate with the best-of-breed tools in use at your school
  • Intuitive and easy to use

We provide a schoolwide management solution that caters for finance staff and administrators, as well as teachers and parents.

Satpinder Daroch,

Chief Information Officer,

Northern Territory Department of Education

Our partnership with Civica, enabled a very cost-effective migration and implementation. The end result has been the smooth delivery of a very complex project with little or no disruption to schools and students.

CES modules:

School Admin

Next generation cloud-based school administration

Administrators play an important role in a school and its community. Having access to the right information quickly, and easily is imperative. Developed specifically for school administrators, CES’s School Admin module provides a single source of truth, that your school can depend on when making decisions.

Civica Education Suite is based on a person centric design, with streamlined data structures designed to facilitate the delivery of a school administration solution that guarantees increases in productivity across your school network.

Our Admin module provides:

  • The ability to track a student’s journey from the initial enquiry through to waitlists, enrolment and alumni
  • Streamlined enrolment processes, tightly integrated with our Community Portal to facilitate Online Enquiries and Online Enrolment Applications
  • Comprehensive student data management, including attendance, student welfare, extracurricular activities
  • A schools’ federal and state reporting requirements via pre-configured data extracts flexible reporting tools, including the ability to create adhoc reports and letter templates
  • The ability to manage staff records, including registrations, qualifications, medical details and more
  • Flexible reporting tools and a comprehensive range of standard reports to support your school 
  • The ability to add custom school defined fields for students, caregivers and staff via a simple user interface


Finance and Billing

Next generation school finances made easy

Over the last thirty years Civica Education Suite has been committed to building on its already advanced school finance expertise - leveraging all of its knowledge in our new CE Finance and Billing modules.

Running a successful large-scale finance operation – essential for larger schools, requires a sophisticated system. At the same time, school administration staff need their financial software to have straightforward processes that don’t require a financial background to operate. For this reason, CE Finance and Billing delivers an integrated education specific finance solution, which is easy to use - speeding up finance processing, while integrating with the rest of the Civica Education Suite modules.

Our Finance solution provides:

  • Full finance capability, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Asset Management and Purchasing. 
  • Fully configurable automated billing processes, to cater for all fee structures
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • The ability to cater for schools with multiple independent financial entities
  • Accurate cash flow reporting to give current and estimate cash position at any point in time 
  • Comprehensive suite of standard reports, with the ability to create custom General Ledger Reports
  • Our solution offers the flexibility to function as an enterprise finance solution tailored for groups of schools, which provides:
    • The option to centrally manage a register of approved suppliers
    • Centralise control over open/closed financial periods
    • Centrally managed data submissions
    • Centralise financial reporting
  • At the school level, the solution extends these capabilities to individual schools within the group, allowing for streamlined financial management while ensuring adherence to group-wide policies and standards.


Teacher Toolkit

A better toolkit for teachers

Our solution provides an intelligent and modular set of teacher tools which streamline administrative classroom tasks while supporting teaching and learning.

Designed to be accessed from any device, Teacher Toolkit lets teachers choose the device most suited to the task at hand.

Everything is only one or two clicks away:

  1. A dashboard with widgets provides immediate access to information 
  2. A flexible task list to guides teachers to make it easy to keep on track with administrative tasks 
  3. Class lists and information with student photos, behaviour summaries, attendance summaries etc 
  4. Timetables and Calendars 
  5. Student Profiles, which provide access to all student related information in the one place



Our CES Timetabling module is Australia’s first and only fully web-based enterprise timetabling solution.

With an intuitive drag and drop interface, our Timetabling module guides your staff on how to configure, generate and maintain school timetables easily. For additional choice, we also offer alternative timetabling solutions by two popular Australian third-party providers that integrate with CES.

Our Timetabling solution provides

  • A modern web interface that doesn’t compromise system performance
  • Significant time savings in timetable automation 
  • Greater flexibility with version control to create multiple copies of timetables
  • Drag and drop functionality to easily and quickly create timetables 
  • A Timetabling solution to manage simple to the most complex scenarios 
  • Daily management for covers and events
  • Ability to work on your timetable from any internet connected location


Academic Reporting

Our Academic Reporting module is a fully configurable solution for Primary and Secondary schools.

For administrators it provides:

  • Flexible setup to report by subject class (for Secondary Schools) or by roll group and learning area (for Primary Schools).
  • Fully configurable for each reporting period and year level, providing full control over how each subject or learning area is reported on 
  • Standard report templates that can be tailored 
  • Preconfigured workflows that manage the whole process from data entry, data checking to print readiness and the actual print process 
  • Am academic reporting dashboard to assist with the management and tracking of all reporting related tasks

For Teachers: 

  • Automatic reminders for due dates via the Tasks List
  • Super-quick access (one click!) to results entry from your dashboard 
  • Quick and easy data entry 
  • Syncing of results from Markbook to Academic Reports 
  • Access to student information (contact details, medical, behaviour records, attendance details, timetable, assessment results) in the collapsible student profile, whilst entering assessment results


Central Person Store

Managing data and entities effectively

The Civica Education Suite has been developed around a Central Person Store. This provides us with the ability to track individuals and their involvement with one or more schools. We can look at a single person and see what roles they currently hold or have held across all the schools that are part of a single CES deployment. This is important because it provides you with a clean data and comprehensive and accurate information about all the individuals that your school or schools are dealing with.

This core information flows seamlessly into all other applications integrated with Civica Education Suite, providing a single point of truth while ensuring all your systems are up to date.

CE Central Person Store has a person centric design matched with efficient data structures which underpin the Civica Education Suite. It also includes a front-end web application which provides tools to manage duplicate person records.

Learning Management

CES provides deep integration with a number of leading learning management partners including Frog Learning and Daymap, ensuring a simplified and streamlined user experience for teachers.

Community Portal

The Civica Community Portal provides a secure platform to seamlessly share relevant and up-to-date information with your wider community within your network of schools. It acts as the gateway between the schools’ internal workflows, processes and data and the school’s outside community (e.g. caregivers and students) - removing the need for paper-based communications.

  • School news and notifications
  • Student information, including absences, behaviour, timetable, events 
  • Online payments and payment plans
  • Online enquiries and applications for prospective parents


Mark Book

The MarkBook module complements our current reporting to parents’ solution by providing teachers with the ability to record ongoing student assessments.

It is available as an add-on module to Teacher Toolkit and utilises a familiar and easy to use interface. Integration with Academic Reporting allows MarkBook assessments to be published to formal end of term or semester reports, which minimises the need for repetitive data entry.

Civica School Manager

Focused on serving independent K-12 schools with a comprehensive set of tools to manage all operations efficiently.

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