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The leading agenda and meeting management solution.

Modern.Gov meeting and agenda management software delivers cost-effective, efficient and transparent decision management for all your stakeholders; meeting organisers, committee members and the public.

Our meeting management solution is designed to support meeting organisers, empowering them to compile meeting packs in minutes rather than hours. It reduces paper usage and printing costs. Last minute changes to agendas can be quickly published, without needing to reprint documentation. This delivers significant time and cost savings.

The Modern.Gov cloud app for paperless meetings provides 24/7 secure access for committee or board members to view and annotate the latest documents with automatic download of agendas, reports, decisions and meeting minutes. Information is available offline, giving you access to everything you need, when you need it. Giving you a comprehensive meeting management system.

Modern.Gov makes it easy to:

  • Co-ordinate a high volume of meetings
  • Comply with rules of governance
  • Track decisions and actions
  • Record gifts and hospitality
  • Ensure transparency
  • Publish agendas and minutes
  • Ensure confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Record the declaration of gifts and conflicts of interest
  • Engage with citizens
  • Transition to paperless meetings

Why choose Modern.Gov?

Meeting, committee and decision management

Take the stress out of co-ordinating meetings and collating papers with all the documents you need in one place. From agendas, reports and minutes to forward plans of forthcoming decisions and tracking of actions from meetings – all can be quickly and easily published to automatically created Modern.Gov webpages. Control access to restricted items and track issues by automatically linking to agenda items.

Integrated app

Committee members can securely view and annotate documents, with automatic document download to ensure members see the latest information, anytime and anywhere. For meeting organisers, last minute changes to agendas can be quickly updated on the app. All you need to do is publish and share the papers online when you’re ready. The app is available for iOS, Android or Windows.

In-App Voting

Support live and remote meetings with simple, secure and transparent decision-making. Set up and manage pre-submitted votes (ie, Motions) and ad-hoc voting on agenda items. The app also enables you to manage attendance, the entire voting process, vote re-runs and casting votes.

Workflow, actions and report writing

Streamline your administrative duties, eliminate delays and avoid duplicating effort. Using fully configurable agenda, report and minutes templates, workflow helps you manage the steps you take towards preparing and publishing reports, while ensuring transparency and accountability with the tracking of actions from meetings.

Member profiles

Record a wide range of information including contact details, biographies, register of interests, committee and outside body appointments, voting, declarations of gifts or hospitality, conflicts of interests declared at meetings, training, expenses and attendance at meetings.

Citizen Engagement

The tools built into Modern.Gov make it easy for you to consult and engage with your audience, using questionnaires and e-petitions to help improve citizen engagement.

  • Create and publish online questionnaires
  • Invite views from interested parties
  • Approve and publish ePetitions submitted by your community and display live results.
  • Subscribe to updates enables citizens to be notified when issues and/or reports matching their preferences are published to the website.
Greater transparency

Modern.Gov makes it easy to achieve best practice and ensure decision making is more transparent and accountable.

  • Easily see the business to be considered at a meeting and directly access either the full agenda, individual reports or supporting information
  • Reports and attachments are indexed, providing a more comprehensive search facility
  • Produce statutory registers and also display records for individual councillors covering interests declared at meetings, attendance, voting history, training attended & gifts declared
  • Publish forward plans of forthcoming decisions
  • View the status of decisions and whether they have been implemented

Separate internal and public-facing web sites are deployed as standard, including seamless integration with your existing website.

Modern.Gov is our market leading governance & meeting management software, utilised by over 300 clients in a wide range of sectors including local authorities, housing associations, fire authorities, health organisations and higher education. If you’re looking to update your regulated industry or government agenda management software, talk to us about today.

We have delivered Modern.Gov for customers including

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