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Our expert team is on hand to help make sure you get the most from your Civica products or services. You can access a host of valuable resources and information as follows.

Community Care Solutions

Get support for the Carelink Suite of products including:

  1. CarelinkPlus
  2. CarelinkCloud
  3. CarelinkAir
  4. CarelinkGo
  5. CarelinkConnect
  6. CarelinkMobile
  7. CarelinkOnline

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Private Health Insurance Solutions

Get support services for Civica Private Health Insurance products including:

  1. NewHealth PHI
  2. NewHealth Overseas Visitors Health Cover
  3. ECFWeb - Hospital Online Eligibility Check

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Health Solutions

Get support services for Civica Health products including:

  1. Civica Experience
  2. Civica Engage
  3. Cito
  4. CostMaster

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Case and Compliant Management (iCasework)

Get support services for Civica's iCasework, case and complaint management solution.

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Education Solutions

Get support and documentation for Civica Education products including:

  1. Civica Education Suite
  2. Maze
  3. igloo
  4. iWise

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Library Solutions

Get support services for Spydus and library solutions.

Local Government Solutions (Authority and Practical Plus)

Get support for Local Government solutions including:

  1. Authority and Authority Altitude
  2. Authority BIS
  3. Practical Plus
  4. Mastersuite
  5. Cloud & Managed Services

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Freight Forwarding Solutions (FreightPac)

Get support services for FreightPac.