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Civica ArborSafe provides systemised and professional consulting arboricultural services that effectively manages trees to ensure healthier and long-lasting tree populations for a cleaner climate.

Our experienced consulting arborists are leaders in their field, and offer professional, impartial tree advice. Whether you require an arborist report, a full assessment of the trees on your site, or a tree management plan via our world-leading tree management software and services, you can be confident in our breadth of skills and expert guidance.

Since 2005, we have been servicing clients from mining sites in the far northwest of Australia to holiday parks along the east coast, through to many schools and universities in major Australian cities.

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Tree Management

ArborSafe provides facility managers with a range of arboricultural consulting services along with one of the most advanced tree management systems available globally.

We provide tree assessment services with expert advice on a one-off basis, or as most clients prefer, via detailed tree assessments with scheduled reviews carried out by our experienced team of consulting arborists. This delivers documented guidance through skills and systems that are either not present in your organisation or free up your human resources for other core activities.

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Tree Consultancy

If you are concerned about your trees, need expert advice or a tree report, ArborSafe provides professional, impartial advice and solutions on all tree related issues. We can assist you with detailed arborist reports, tree health care advice, Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) reports for developments, tree health and safety audits, replanting programs and detailed management plans, each of which can provide guidance on your treescape for years to come.

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Specialised Services

In the highly specialised area of tree management, there are often occasions when specific investigation is required to determine the cause of decline in the health of a tree. ArborSafe offers a range of specialised services dealing with tree defects and decay, pest and disease problems, and soil and plant health issues.

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Tree Software Systems


Ideal for large or significant treescapes or for clients who want a higher degree of service and systemisation.

The ArborPlan Interactive Tree Management System provides a dynamic means of viewing and reporting on your trees. The system can be simply installed on PC’s and is an interface to your tree data and tree mapping. Our colour coded system will allow you to view your current risk rating and identify the tree number and species. Each tree will also provide a detailed assessment (risk, works recommendations, defects, health, etc) plus guidance comments from our arborists.

ArborPlan also provides you with the ability to upload files to individual trees or the site, such as photos, invoices, other reports, permits or any items you feel are relevant to your trees or treescape.

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Ideal for smaller treescapes or for clients with a large portfolio of sites to manage.

ArborSite is unique in that it offers highly qualified tree assessments within a detailed, documented and, importantly, systemised approach to tree hazard management. It typically includes a one-off assessment on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Compiling all your tree assessment information into an easy to understand, systemised report, ArborSite offers you easily affordable expert advice and clear guidance for better managing your trees.

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C My Trees App

C My Trees provides a realtime dashboard to the carbon stored in YOUR trees and allows you to work toward a zero footprint for you, your family, your business, organisation or corporation by supporting existing trees, planting more trees and measuring their Couptake and ever-increasing carbon sequestration.

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What our clients say

Richard Wood, Property Manager, Xavier College

Regular and systematic monitoring provides us with a way of managing the condition and associated risk of all our trees and enables us to plan for necessary works in a timely manner... I would certainly say that ArborPlan is at the forefront of tree management.

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