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Specialised arboricultural services to help you understand and manage tree issues.

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Specialised arboricultural services to help you identify, investigate and further remediate tree health issues

In the highly specialised area of tree management, there are often occasions when specific investigation is required to determine the cause of decline in the health of a tree. ArborSafe offers a range of specialised services dealing with tree defects and decay, pest and disease problems, and soil and plant health issues.

Civica ArborSafe’s specialised services:

Ultrasonic tree scans and resistance drilling

Our ultrasonic scanning technology is used to help evaluate the internal structure of a tree. Without harming the tree, this process assists in analysing potential internal hazards which are impossible to gauge from the outside. Scans display the extent of internal cavities and degradation and are ideal for large trees showing signs of decay.

Aerial assessments

Trees present a wide range of defects at height that can’t be fully evaluated from the ground. For this reason ArborSafe offers clients detailed assessments and reporting on defects many meters above the ground in specific locations or throughout an entire tree’s canopy. All our aerial assessments are performed by specifically trained climbing consulting arborists who hold a minimum AQF L5 qualification and detailed Safe Work Method training for this task.

Plant healthcare and pest and disease treatments

If you are concerned about a decline in the health of your trees, we can assist you with expert diagnosis of the causes. We offer a range of well-proven, specialised plant health treatments for pests, diseases or soil issues, including decompaction, many of which are organic and can last several years after application.

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What our clients say

Luke Primus, Grounds Team Leader, Deakin University

ArborSafe's clear and easy to use software makes their program and support services very easy to use … their program and systemised approach, allow us to manage our trees which we couldn't do on our own.