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Check is a paperless kitchen app that powers simple sustainable processes and smarter ways of working.

Managing a commercial kitchen comes with a time-consuming admin burden that creates an expensive paper trail and makes visibility and auditing a challenge. We can help you digitally transform your processes, making working life better for your employees while saving time, money and the planet.

Check integrates seamlessly with Civica Catering Management and has been shown to deliver an 80% reduction in paper and ink and save 2 hours per kitchen per day.

Taking the work out of paperwork. And the paper

Reduce paper and ink usage in your kitchens by 80% and your carbon footprint too. Check replaces your paper-based processes with a centrally managed, integrated system. Available for iOS and Android, it doesn't stop working when you're offline. You can manage your catering activity even if you're out of signal.

Streamline your processes

Save 2 hours and around £20 per day per kitchen by removing the need for kitchen managers to find, download, fill in and send off forms. Check helps you to work more efficiently, with greater control and financial transparency. Relevant data is always at your fingertips, and anything you input is immediately reflected in your Civica Catering Management system and shared with co-workers.

Keep your compliance in check

Compliance with legislation and best practice is vital for safety, and to keep your reputation and relationships in good order. Check drives notifications to keep busy teams on top of checks and tasks and ensures they’re easily auditable. You can even deliver training and track competency within Check. This helps you maintain consistency across sites, with standard processes available to everyone – vital when there are regular team changes.

Make better decisions

Check syncs information digitally from each kitchen with the Civica Catering Management hub, so it arrives faster and enables a centralised view. With a clear, up-to-date view of activity across your entire operation, you can quickly monitor KPIs and optimise performance. An overview of purchasing and stock control helps you spot opportunities to reduce waste and make savings. At-a-glance access to attendance and tasks enables you to make sure staff are best placed to make a positive impact.

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