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When governments are constantly being asked to find new ways of helping their people, Civica works with you to deliver real change.


Our solutions for government, defence and critical national infrastructure can:

  • Provide more efficient, responsive and cost-effective services for citizens
  • Manage remote workers across platforms
  • Integrate products to maximise efficiency
  • Help your teams be more productive
  • Keep costs down

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Savings across 25 police forces

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Northern Irish citizens reassured

with COVID-19 sympton tracking app

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The journey to a data driven government

The goals and priorities set out in the National Data Strategy (NDS) are more important than ever. But what’s holding back progress? And how have departments overcome these obstacles?

In our latest whitepaper, Civica and Dods Research gathered insights from 848 civil servants.

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Connect to the future

Smart devices, IoT, and the odd hoverboard, in volume 5 of Perspectives* we push past 88mph to examine how public services can unlock the full potential of connected devices.

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