Civica supports the Army by harnessing the power of data

26th June 2023

In partnership with the Army HQ and Royal Signals Institution, the seminar explored how MoD’s data strategy is being applied and developed, and Army HQ can better use its data

This May, GovTech leader Civica welcomed a cross section of Cabinet Office, Ministry of Defence, Royal Signals Institution and industry at the iconic Winston Churchill War Rooms in London to host a working seminar (comprising of a series of senior staff presentations followed by a focused questions workshop) on how to ‘Harness the power of data to increase the potency of the Army’.

The event focused on the important issues surrounding data strategy and its importance as an asset, to drive information superiority and unlock innovation. The day allowed for excellent cross-community engagement with speakers from the Cabinet Office, Defence Digital, Army HQ and Civica.

The afternoon allowed for roundtable debate and analysis addressing key questions posed by Army HQ to uncover the power and potency of its data.

This included exploring common challenges experienced across the Cabinet Office, Defence Digital and Army HQ and priorities to address these and how to manage data better, faster and more collaboratively. The group also explored optimising data effectiveness for operations and emerging capabilities and how this presents an opportunity for industry; and the human challenges involved in creating a data centric workforce within a command and control culture. Themes also included discussions on the outputs and benefits provided to Army HQ by the Civica-delivered Data Governance Office (DGO).

Civica has an increasingly close and expanding partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence, and has delivered several key projects to drive digital transformation across the Armed Forces. These include production of JSP 441, creating the Army’s Data Governance Office and establishing a Data Governance operating model. The GovTech specialist has also led a Data Upskilling Programme in support of Project THEIA to define the data skills needed across defence and ensure targeted training is available.

Maj Gen John Collyer,

Director Information & Army Chief Information Officer,

Army HQ

What a huge success. We had a superb cross-section in attendance – including central Government, MOD Centre, the various commands, industry, DSTL and the like. We had updates, pitches and hugely constructive discussions throughout the day. It really put data on the map, as it did Civica and many of our collective challenges and opportunities.