Civica reacts to new NAO guide on government data

21st July 2022

Earlier today, the National Audit Office published a ‘good practice guide’ for senior leaders to encourage more effective use of data and data-sharing across public services.

Steve Thorn,

Executive Director (Central Government),


From Whitehall to City Hall, public bodies all across the UK are sitting on a vast digital goldmine of data, which, as the National Audit Office has rightly pointed out today, is not being exploited to its full potential.
Untapped data is more than just information lying idle on a departmental database; it is a missed opportunity to deliver real change for the people and communities who need it most.
The solution to the Data Dilemma lies in tackling the 3Ss – Standards, Skills and Sharing. With robust data standards, the right mix of skills at all levels of the organisation and secure, effective sharing of data, we can transform how we use data across the public sector, ensuring the best possible outcomes for citizens and communities.