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Mobile, web and SaaS solutions for state and local government.

Following the acquisition of Asset Edge in April 2019, the addition strengthens Civica’s position as the largest provider of local government solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Asset Edge products provide Civica with strengthened capabilities in the Local and State Government sector in Australia, with SaaS web and mobile applications in asset inspection and maintenance, natural disaster management, tree and temporary signage management, and contractor surveillance for state government road authorities. Its mobility solutions for employees integrate with a wide range of systems and ensure that data is recorded easily, quickly and accurately.

Asset Edge Reflect - Inspection and Maintenance Management Software

Asset Edge Reflect is the leading inspection and maintenance management software used by local and state governments in Australia – this includes over 125 local government sites across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania that are relying on Reflect to manage a wide range of council assets. With a focus on user experience and a robust set of features, Asset Edge Reflect can be used for the planning, recording and analysis of maintenance activities for any class of asset.

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Asset Edge Recover - Natural Disaster Management Software

Asset Edge Recover is designed specifically to assist State & Local Government with the disaster & recovery process. Recover enables you to record and store information on damaged assets and restoration works. This information can then be used to validate compensation under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). Whether it’s damage resulting from floods, storms, bushfires, cyclones & other natural disaster events - Asset Edge Recover accurately records location details, images, GPS locations and damage estimates, ensuring your council is able to satisfactorily prove the full extent of deterioration or loss of Council assets.

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Asset Edge Vigil - State Government Road Authority Contractor Surveillance Software

Asset Edge Vigil is designed for State Government Road Authorities to perform Contractor Surveillance. In most Australian States work is carried out on classified Roads by Local Government, large fixed term Contracts and the authorities own delivery teams.

Asset Edge Nemus - Tree Management System

Asset Edge Nemus enables you to manage your council’s tree register and assist field officers with tree inspections and reporting. Trees under the control of Local Government are increasingly being recognised as significant and valuable assets that require ongoing and committed asset management practices as per the legislative guidelines and local council policy. The process of obtaining and managing accurate records to assist in decision making, planning and risk mitigation is now required by insurers and horticultural departments. Nemus has been developed in association with industry experts in horticulture and information technology to produce this powerful and new Tree Management System.

Asset Edge Signum - Managing your temporary road signage

 <p>Asset Edge Signum is the result of frequent requests from local government organisations in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland to easily and accurately record the placement, checking and removal of temporary signage on their road networks. It is most suitable for: Road closures (changeable/temporary signs), Temporary speed zone signage, Traffic hazards and other warning signs, Signs for remote supervision, Changeable notice boards (Fire, Police, etc), Detours and changed traffic conditions, Portable traffic lights and message boards.</p>

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