Research & Innovation

We believe in leaving it to the experts!

When it comes to research and innovation, we believe in leaving it to the experts - our people! After all, who knows our business better? They know our customers and markets, what’s working and what’s not, what improvements should be made and how.

For us, innovation is all in a day’s work. We continue to invest in creating spaces and opportunities that encourage everyone, regardless of role or seniority, to take time out of the everyday to reflect, reboot and unleash their inner creative. But, we also give them a variety of forums to collaborate, as well as the autonomy to put their ideas into action so they can transform the way we, and our customers work.

At Civica, it’s our teams who develop and own our Product Roadmaps. Teams who research and make decisions about our future. Teams who proactively and continually collaborate and share innovations with their colleagues to drive down development costs for our customers and increase delivery times and reliability.

Reinventing and Reusing

Some say knowledge is power. But, when it comes to coding, it’s the start of our next big innovation. Our developers recently introduced a coding library known as ‘The Forge’ where they ‘bank’ their code so other developers across the Group can hit the ground running with their next development and reuse some or all of what’s already available and tested.

Testing Pathfinder

When it comes to product testing, we don’t believe in sitting back and waiting for a bug to happen, nor do we believe in waiting for our customers to tell us that they’re unhappy. The Civica approach is simple: capture your customer’s requirements, first time, from the start - it saves time, saves money, but most importantly it means our customers are happy.


We’re only ever as good as our last innovation. A continual stream of ideas is imperative to ensuring that we give our customers what they want, before they even know they want it! ‘Lime’ is our internal innovation initiative where we regularly share new and existing ideas, and bring to life other parts of the Civica Group in a variety of formats, to encourage collaboration and share best practice. Incidentally, it’s not just for our techies - it’s for everyone!

Ideas into Action

‘Ideas into Action’ is our employee suggestions scheme where we encourage teams and individuals to share that revenue generating opportunity they’ve been mulling over for the last 6 months; those thoughts they’ve had around a new approach to customer service; or those small people and working environment ‘touches’ that they believe will go a long way to making a big difference.