Asset Edge Recover

Simplifying natural disaster management.

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Simplifies disaster management

Latest News – The NSW Office of Emergency Management and Civica have been working together to streamline the claims process for NSW bushfire and flood affected councils using the new Recover portal, read more…

What is Asset Edge Recover?

Asset Edge Recover is designed specifically to assist State & Local Government with the disaster & recovery process. Recover enables you to record and store information on damaged assets and restoration works. This information can then be used to validate compensation under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).  

Whether it’s damage resulting from floods, storms, bushfires, cyclones & other natural disaster events - Asset Edge Recover accurately records location details, images, GPS locations and damage estimates, ensuring your council is able to satisfactorily prove the full extent of deterioration or loss of Council assets. 

Why use Asset Edge Recover?

Asset Edge Recover enables inspectors to collect all damage site information at the site using a mobile device. Using Asset Edge Recover provides a rapid and systematic approach to collate, report and manage an entire disaster event. Other key benefits include:

  • Quick installation, easy setup with minimal staff training required
  • Estimation of the cost of each damage using the damage estimation tools
  • Visual representation of damage sites using Google Maps and GIS Chainage Point Data
  • Centralised and secure repository for all event data including  multiple images for each damage site
  • Reduced costs (saving hours of office data entry)
  • Output to standard forms for application of recovery funding

Key Features: 

  • Works with web and android smartphones and tablets
  • Allows easy management of Damages, Emergent Works and Restoration Works
  • User definable reporting with both simple and complex querying
  • Electronic document and image embedment in database
  • Images stamped with date / time and coordinates
  • Simple integration with MS Excel® and MS Word®
  • Automated version updates
  • Pay Per Event Fee Structure 
  • Allows integration with other corporate systems
  • Help Desk and on-site support from Civica Representatives
  • Report damage locations using Google® maps (street /satellite views)
  • Microsoft .NET® application with SQL Server Database


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