29th January 2018

PAYE Outgoing Notifications: Setting up access to PAYE Online

HMRC have asked payroll software developers to encourage employers that, if they are not doing so already, they should set up access to PAYE online, which provides them with electronic reminders of coding notices and important messages from HMRC.

Some generic notifications are issued to help employers understand when something has gone wrong, for example a late PAYE submission. They highlight that the employer may be charged a penalty, but also that they can appeal if they disagree with the penalty or have a reasonable excuse for filing late.

This notification system is also known as the Data Provisioning Service (DPS), which Civica’s Payroll software (previously Uniwage) has supported since its inception. With a few clicks, not only can employers read notices issued by HMRC, but, where appropriate, they can also process them directly into the payroll. For example, notices of tax code changes (P6 and P9), Student Loan start and stop notices and National Insurance Number corrections. This improves the timeliness and accuracy of information in your payroll.