Palmerston North City Embraces Cloud-First Approach with Civica

16th May 2024

Revolutionising Governance: Palmerston North City and Civica Unveil 5-Year Cloud-First Collaboration

Palmerston North City is embarking on an exciting journey towards a cloud-first approach, fuelled by a strategic 5-year collaboration with Civica, a global leader in GovTech solutions. This move will help transform the council’s operational landscape, driven by the innovative "as a service" framework, with Civica's flagship solution, Authority Altitude, at its core.

The new system will result in a greater level of trust and confidence that Council is properly managing its financial assets and processes in a resilient cloud-based solution.

A proven pioneer, Civica's Authority enterprise software has already empowered over 150 councils throughout Australia and New Zealand, facilitating seamless management of their organisational ecosystems. Through Authority's multifaceted capabilities, from citizen interactions and employee administration to financial oversight, asset management, and rate regulation, local governments have harnessed operational efficiency. Backed by robust analytics and reporting functionalities, Civica empowers local governments with the insights necessary for prompt and impactful decision-making.

Cameron McKay,

Chief Financial Officer,

Palmerston North City Council

The move to Authority Altitude is one of the single biggest organisation wide changes we’ve been through in the past 15 years. It was important to us that we implemented a future fit solution with a vendor who would work in a partnership model. Equally as important is Civica’s future roadmap for Authority Altitude, as we look to keep up to date with technology evolving at rapid speed.

Brett Barningham,

Managing Director,

Local Government, Civica

As the city readies itself to embrace the cloud-first revolution, the synergy between Palmerston North City and Civica promises not only to elevate technological frameworks but also to nurture an environment of perpetual progress and innovation. The impending transformation stands as a testament to Palmerston North City's dedication to harnessing the future.