Spydus WA regional library consortium is now the largest in Australia

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6th March 2024

Spydus, enabling Western Australia's regional library consortium to grow from 17 to 34 libraries in 6 months

The Regional Western Australia Library Consortium (RWALC), supported by Spydus, has experienced rapid growth by increasing its library count from 17 to 34 within the past six months. Covering a vast geographical area from Albany to Pilbara, RWALC emerges as the largest group of local government libraries in Australia.

From its roots in Albany as a Spydus hub, this consortium continues to provide library services that enable seamless sharing of resources, such as inter-library loans across multiple libraries.

Additionally, Spydus’ flexible consortium capabilities allow Albany Public Library to efficiently manage contracts, subscriptions, and support for all consortium libraries, ensuring equitable solutions based on population.

RWALC’s Network Statistics

Largest LGA library consortium in Australia

Citizens served


NA Regional libraries

Key Outcomes

Unlimited potential to add more libraries

Affordable best of breed library management platform

Proven, easy library data migration process to Spydus

Kimberley Stoney,

Library Systems Coordinator

With Spydus there’s no limit to the size the WA Library Consortium can grow to, as long as we continue to strategically build in capacity at our end.